INDABA 2023 – On gifts and giving

International INDABA training week for young people, in Herrischried, Black Forest, from 5th to 12th August

„Coming togehter opens a space. Coming together creates a tension. Coming togehter is an adventure.

In which I am curious. In which I don’t know. In which I have to let go.

Free myself from any expectation. Free myself from any preconception. Free myself from wanting to know now.

Giving my trust. Giving my doubt. Giving“

Eva Krause, INDABA 2017

Last year in July…

„A few weeks ago, I couldn’t sleep. And I was thinking about the subtle change from a wound to a miracle. How is it possible to build a bridge between one feeling and the other, so that a miracle can grow out of or into the wound?“

This year in August…

…we warmly invite you to an Indaba Summer Week, which will take place from August 5th until the 12th at Haus Murgquelle in the Black Forest. An INDABA is a space for conversation and development in which we can consciously deepen our relationship with our lives. What gift do I carry within me? Which one do you carry inside of you?

The gifts that each individual brings into the world at birth are essential for the earth. They are its seeds for the future. Often, we are experiencing in our current time something quite opposite – that we humans cause a lot of injury on earth.

What if we remembered that we can give something from our deepest self? That we can give something in service of the transformation and the future of the earth? Our impulses are necessary. They are sacred. But how do we bring our gift into body and life?

Seeds need fertile soil to sprout and grow. They need light and warmth into which they want to grow. We want to explore which role our bodies play in this process.
We are guided by the image that we can also form a body as a community, a receiving vessel for these future seeds.

During the INDABA week we will

– consciously step in contact with nature
– sing and develop in play
– listen to stories at the fireplace
-open space for INDABA conversations
– work with meditative, artistic and ritual elements
– walk through a “portal”‘ …
– perceive and move our bodies
– trace our own questions in life.

INDABA Week is an invitation for young people to listen more deeply into the song and tissue of life. And to tune into it!

We look forward to seeing you. Your INDABA Team,

Luise, Simeon, Salome, Sinja, Clara und Hossam

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What is INDABA actually?

INDABA is a traditional Zulu word that means „I have something important to tell you“. It is a conversation that invites the future.

INDABA also means that we train our capacities to be consciously present, to perceive and to think.
We practice to listen into the unknown and into the potential of the future: Can I learn to perceive you in your abundant being, in the gift that you are? Can I learn to see the future inside and through you?
And the understanding: Can I continue to be attentively present even in a state of not-knowing? Can I stay open in difficult moments and allow a new understanding to emerge? We want to especially develop the qualities of the heart for a common future.